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Obnoxious Office Eaters

Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp.

This sound pierces into my brain every damned day. Typically quiet office environment, check. Offensively loud, crunchy snack food, check. Obnoxious, usually overweight co-worker, check. Lack of polite office etiquette? Check, Check, and CHECK.

Why would anyone, in any type of quiet setting, chose to eat sourdough pretzels or raw carrot sticks? Or if they are really feeling evil and inevitably put me in my own personal hell, the chosen snack of choice: kettle cooked chips.



Why would anyone think that this is okay? Is their internal perception of their own personal sound so poor that they don’t realize how ridiculously loud they eat? Even worse, these morons don’t even realize they chew like a cow on the loudest possible snacks that the local vending machine has to offer.

This complete lack of social awareness in a closed, quiet environment makes me wonder how these animals even operate in normal society outside of the office. These individuals need to learn to be discrete with their chewing, take a trip down to the cafeteria, or at the very least, have a near choke attack so they never bring that type of snack again.