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TV Commercials

I have officially decided on my personal opinion of why I hate this recession.  And no, its not because the economy is bad, or because stores are closing, or people are out of jobs, etc.  It is because TV air time is so cheap now allowing the infomercial type ads to air incessantly during prime time hours.

The goddamn ShamWow guy has given me a complex from his screaming, I’m considering buying Lipozene because of the fat stored under my muscles, I have self-diagnosed myself with Mesothelioma, and when I see a blanket with sleeves at a store, I know that it is NOT a Snuggy, because Snuggies are made in Germany and only sold online!

And God help me if I see another commercial from the Law Offices of Binder and Binder.  I swear I am going to give them a reason to sue me.

By the way, how ridiculous is the hat that Charles Binder wears?

Charles Binder

Charles Binder's ridiculous hat


Facebook Quizzes

Can everyone please stop taking the ridiculous Facebook quizzes?

I don’t care what animal you were re-incarnated from or what shade of tee shirt matches your aura or what disney character represents your bone structure or how many rings you would have if you were a planet.

Facebook Quiz: Are you a potato?

Facebook Quiz: Are you a potato?

I guarantee if you were to take the quiz “What is your favorite hobby?” it would respond “Finding out trivial bullshit about yourself and annoying a large user community.”